Below is very brief introduction to the basic features of XPEDITER for TSO

XPEDITER/TSO is a testing, debugging and analysis tool that allows the programmer to view source code as it executes in order to identify incorrect logic, test hard-to-validate routines and analyse both program structure and data flow.


XPEDITER/TSO allows you to do the following :

  • Control program execution.start and stop at any point in program & stop conditionally or unconditionally
  • Display/modify program variable values done at any point
  • Intercept abends and display pertinent abend information.
  • Analyse program logic and data relationships.Trace logic path and follow data flow
  • Record and review program execution and corresponding values<
  • Monitor program execution coverage.count the number of executions for a statement or paragraph
  • Alter program execution.Bypass statement execution and branch to another location in program
  • Link to Abend-AID.display Abend-AID snapshot report at any point in session
  • Test your program in a TSO or batch region

Pre-XPEDITER tasks.

Setting Compile JCL

Before starting your XPEDITER/TSO session you will need to set up some compile JCL for batch jobs.

For the period of the trial I have some JCL for this in CHP1SW2.JCL member COMPILE . Feel free to copy this to your own dataset but please do not amend my version in anyway - it took ages to sort..In future we are hoping to amend XMODS to allow the standard compile process to be used.

You need to amend this compile JCL to reflect your own userid (I don’t want to know when you are all running an XPEDITER/TSO session thanks ), the source you are amending , the CICs source libraries that you have your source in and the environment that you are running it under. It currently contains AM325BC and ENVR39. Once the JCL is amended you can go into XPEDITER/TSO


You should be presented with the following menu :

xpeditor first page

Amending load libraries

You will need to edit the Setup loadlibs within XPEDITER/TSO as they make reference to invalid datasets :

Take Option 2 for TSO.

You may be presented with the following screen :

xpeditor second page

Select option 1 for Standard. If you select 2 you will get all the wrong screens.

PF3 back to the Primary Menu and then take option 2 again.

Type SE for Setup. Select option A for All and step through each set up screen in turn. There should be no reference to SYS3.COMPWARE.CX.nnnn. HW04 holds this information in SYS5.COMPWARE datasets so the SYS3 versions do not exist. Blank these lines, if found, out and press enter. NOTE SYS3.XPEDITER.xxxxx datasets are valid and should be left in.

PF3 back to the main menu once complete

Repeat this exercise for option 3 BATCH.

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