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ADABAS response code : 2

Origin : Mainframe and Open Systems

Explanation :

The meaning of this response code varies, depending on whether you are using Adabas on mainframe systems or Adabas on open systems.

Mainframe Systems

This response code can only occur with a BT or ET command. The BT or ET command executes successfully. One of the following has occurred, depending on the subcode:


Adabas attempted to hold an ISN already being held by another user.


The number of ISNs as specified in the ISN buffer was too large compared to the ISN buffer length (ET or BT command with the M option).


ISN is not on hold during multifetch ET/BT. ET/BT has successfully executed the ISNs so far released. The remaining ISNs are still on hold.


An RI command with ISN=0 could not release from hold status all records held by the user, as requested, because one or more records had been updated earlier in the same transaction. Updated records cannot be released from hold status prior to transaction end. All records that had not been updated have been released from hold status.

Open Systems

The required function has not been executed completely. For an OP command with command option 2 = E or for an RE command, the specified record buffer length was shorter than the length of the ET data read. The record buffer has been truncated.

For an A1//N1/N2 command, a descriptor value with the TR option is larger than 1144 bytes. In this case, only the first 1144 bytes are stored in the index. Search operations for truncated values may be inexact since only the first 1144 bytes are evaluated. The first 2 bytes of the Additions 2 field contain the number of descriptor values truncated, the third and fourth bytes contain the field name of the descriptor value that is truncated.

For an S1/S2/S4/S9 command, the resulting ISN list may not represent the exact result: this is because the search values and the values in the database were truncated after 1144 bytes during the search operation of an S1/S2/S4 command and during the sort operation of an S2/S9 command.

Action :

Open Systems

For an OP or RE command, increase the record buffer length or ignore the warning.

For an S1/S2/S4/S9 command, either perform a post-selection using the complete field values, perform your own sort operation using the complete field values, or ignore the warning.

After each Adabas command is processed, a response code is returned in bytes 11 and 12 of the ACB or in the ACBX. Some response codes also return a subcode in the rightmost two bytes of the ACB's Additions 2 field (offset 45-48) or in the ACBX's Error Subcode (ACBXERRC) field (offset 115-116).

All Adabas commands resulting in a response code other than 0, 1, and 145 restore all Adabas control block fields except the response code field (see the Adabas Command Reference documentation) to the contents the fields held at the beginning of command execution.

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