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ADABAS response code : 20

Origin : Mainframe and Open Systems

Explanation :

One of the following invalid values was used for a command ID value:

  • Binary zeros
  • Blanks
  • The high-order byte contains the hexadecimal value FF , but there is no automatic command ID generation
  • The three high-order bytes contain the ASCII string SYN .

Action :

Correct the command ID and avoid using any of these invalid command ID values.

After each Adabas command is processed, a response code is returned in bytes 11 and 12 of the ACB or in the ACBX. Some response codes also return a subcode in the rightmost two bytes of the ACB's Additions 2 field (offset 45-48) or in the ACBX's Error Subcode (ACBXERRC) field (offset 115-116).

All Adabas commands resulting in a response code other than 0, 1, and 145 restore all Adabas control block fields except the response code field (see the Adabas Command Reference documentation) to the contents the fields held at the beginning of command execution.

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